Penguicon 2.0 - April 16-18, 2004 - Novi Michigan
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Recently Added Documents
Name: Programming
Updated: 03/01/2004 08:24:29
Name: Program Book
Updated: 01/31/2004 00:39:34

Dealers Tables Sold Out

Posted by: SteveGutterman on 03/03/2004 22:07:05 (Read: 8)
All of the Dealers' Table space at Penguicon 2.0 has been reserved. We are creating a cancellations waiting list.
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Are you a Sweet Transvestite?

Posted by: SteveGutterman on 03/03/2004 19:09:42 (Read: 23)
Penguicon's Rocky Horror Picture Show cast is looking for a few more members. Do you have what it takes?
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First Draft Program Schedule Now Available!!!

Posted by: tracyw on 03/01/2004 08:41:33
Choose the Downloads submenu under Forums, or click here to get your copy. Still a work in progress.

Oops! LIDS Training Course Price Incorrect

Posted by: SteveGutterman on 02/29/2004 06:36:29 (Read: 7)
The Linux Box LIDS course is $240, not $360 as originally listed on the Special Event page.
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Penguicon 2.0: April 16-18 2004 - Register Now!

Pre-registration rates for Penguicon 2.0 will never again be this low! Rates go up after the end of March 2004. Click here for registration information.

The Penguicon 2.0 Guests of Honor:

Neil Gaiman - Award winning Fantasy author, and creator of The Sandman series.
Jeff Bates - Cofounder of "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters."
Steve Jackson - Founder of Steve Jackson Games, possible secret head of the Illuminati.
Wil Wheaton - Actor (Wesley Crusher of ST:TNG), Linux Cheerleader, and now Author.
Jon "Maddog" Hall - Executive director of Linux International and Linux/Unix guru

That's the complete Guest of Honor list. Plus, what would Penguicon be without our additional Nifty Guests! Check out About Our Guests for more information.

Get Penguicon Free! - Sign up for any of Friday's technical training sessions, and receive a free Penguicon registration. Details here.

Penguicon News! - Keep up, there's always new announcements and information here.

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